Horror movie talk -World war z my retrospective (could contain spoilers)

Being a huge Brad Pitt and zombie fan I am pleased that I got 2 of my favourite things thrown in together in the  world war z film.
Worldwar z
World War Z is a 2013 apocalyptic action film directed by Marc Forster. The screenplay by Matthew Michael Carnahan is loosely based on the 2006 novel of the same name by Max Brooks. The film stars Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a former United Nations investigator who must travel the world to find a way to stop a zombie-like pandemic.
Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment secured the film rights in 2007 and Forster was approached to direct. In 2009, Carnahan was hired to rewrite the script to the film. Filming began in July 2011 in Malta on an estimated $125 million budget, before moving to Glasgow in August 2011 and Budapest in October 2011. Originally set for a December 2012 release, the production suffered some setbacks. In June 2012, the film’s release date was pushed back and the crew returned to Budapest for seven weeks of additional shooting. Damon Lindelof was hired to rewrite the third act, but did not have the time to finish the script and Drew Goddard was hired to rewrite it. The re shoots took place between September and October 2012.
World War Z premiered in London on June 2, 2013 and was chosen to open the 35th Moscow International Film Festival. The film was released on June 21, 2013 in the United States in 2D and RealD 3D. The film was a commercial success, grossing over $530 million on a $190 million budget while about two-thirds of its reviews were positive. A sequel was cancelled during the film’s troubled filming process, but is now in development once again.
As the film begins to the opening credits we hear various reports on news either on the TV or radio for a while it’s not clear and then you start to hear them talk about strange events and people acting strangely and they start to talk about virus’s and dooms day
The film begins with Gerry and his family A happy modern day family Gerry and his wife are woken by they’re 2 happy lively girls who jump on them in bed.
Gerry makes them breakfast and it becomes apparent that they are planning to go somewhere and Mum reminds their older daughter to pack her inhaler
world war z 02
Next we see the family sitting in a traffic jam playing a game, they make a remark about the amount of helicopters they’ve seen fly over and hear a siren they question it as to what is going on.
Gerry puts the car radio on and a news presenter is talking about an outbreak of rabies that began in Taiwan. Which had been reported since in 12 country’s.
A police bike goes past and shatters the side mirror on the family’s car. Shocked they look out to the side of the car, Gerry gets out but there are police bikes going both way and everything seem chaotic.
He picks up his wing mirror and another motorist asks if he’s OK and he responds he’s OK they remark on it being crazy.
world war z 06
Gerry starts to walk back to his car and an explosion goes off in the distance in front of them. People are running frantically in the street and another police bike approaches Gerry.
The cop shouts at Gerry to get into his car right now and the streets are in a panic. Gerry obliges only for the cop to mowed down by a speeding lorry, people are shocked everywhere and the panic escalates as the truck moves every car in it’s path, Gerry decides to follow the carnage of it and tells his family it’s a way out of here.
It’s no time for a screaming child but nevertheless his younger daughter is screaming that she wants her blanket and Mum tells her it’s packed right now. The truck flips over up ahead but still the child screams my blanket!! The elder daughter ducks down behind the front seat and hides. Mum starts to fuss over her to tell her she has to get back in her seat, with that Gerry turns round not a good time and joins Mum in telling her to get back in her seat.
world war z 013
At that moment they are hit in the side by another van at a cross roads. There’s a ringing and the sound goes weird symbolising they are in shock. They start asking each other if they are OK. Gerry looks back at their daughter still behind the chair.
There are people running everywhere and some angry looking ones too. They have to get out and leave the car. After they get their daughters out the car Gerry looks behind them and see’s a man probably shocked but he’s standing in the middle of the panicking people looking what is happening.
world war z 028
We start seeing snarling crazy looking people running too. They are attacking people and people are on the floor, the man in the middle is still standing there but he’s becoming more weary and starts to walk backwards still looking ahead of him though.
world war z 035
He then turns to get back into his car but at that moment we see the back of a woman obviously running towards him. He gets into his car and closes the door but at that she jumps on the bonnet and she starts banging her head on the windscreen to break the glass.
world war z 039
The film reminds me of the remake of Dawn of the dead where it’s all peaceful and normal to begin with and almost immediately all hell lets loose.
The woman breaks through the windscreen and the man from the middle of the road jumps out his car, Brad Pitt is watching this and see’s as the woman as quick as a flash jumps out the car onto the man and starts to attack him Gerry’s daughter’s toy falls and it begins to count and Gerry picks the toy up but can’t avoid staring at what’s happening as the toy counts.  They’re heading to an RV and he gets to the door of it while glancing backwards at the man who had been attacked and noticed that by the time the toy had counted to 12 the man was up and had become one of those things that were attacking people.
world war z 060
More and more people are turning, and Gerry finally realises the urgency of the situation they are in and gets into the drivers seat of the RV, the keys are still in the ignition and he turns it on. before they drive away a new zombie jumps through the drivers window and tries to bite Gerry. Gerry begins to drive away and his wife kicks the zombie back out the window.
As they are driving another Zombie jumps on the side of the passenger window and starts to head butt it violently to get in.
world war z 072
We see from the distance and notice that this has reached every corner in the city,  Helicopters fly, pile ups with cars and people in panics running blindly to escape the terror.
world war z 078
Finally Gerry and his family actually make it out of the city,  but his older daughter is having an asthma attack. His wife comments that she  left her purse in the car, Gerry informs her that there is a spare. They pull over while his wife searches for the spare, Gerry sits down and attempts to calm his daughter, while he tells her that it’s going to be OK.  His wife comes back and informs him that they have no spare so they decide to head to a pharmacy.  Gerry’s phone rings.  Someone from his past as a United nations investigator is on the phone, he’s in a helicopter in New York and informs Gerry that it’s all gone. He asks where Gerry is and he informs him that he’s heading north. He tells Gerry that he’ll try and get a helicopter to him.  He tells Gerry he needs him. He says he needs him back but Gerry tells him to forget about it. He wishes Gerry luck.
world war z 093
The family get to Newark New Jersey, and have got to a NJ Mart where there is a pharmacy lots of people are getting there supplies. Mum tells the children to stay close and holds the youngest in her arms the people are rushing through the isles with their trolleys kind of reminds me of supermarket sweep and program that used to be on in the morning with the catch phrase go wild in the isles.  Gerry’s wife says she’ll get something to eat and she puts younger sister in the trolley. Gerry and older daughter find the pharmacy and start looking for the supplies they need. A man with a gun walks towards them and the first thing Gerry notices is a dead person on the floor by the gunman’s feet. There’s a tense moment when you’re left thinking is this a madman.  But then he puts the gun away and asks Gerry what he needs. So Gerry tells him and he finds it for him. meanwhile Mum is going wild in the isles, Grabbing batteries and a whole manner of things.
world war z 0100
The next thing Gerry see’s is his daughter on a loose trolley screaming to her hearts content. He runs over to her as she shouts Daddy. He asks where Mummy is and hears his wife screaming and rushes around looking for her eventually he turns his head to notice that 2 men are trying to rape her.  She escapes but the men start firing at Gerry who fires back with a rifle they found in the RV. the rapist flee and his wife runs into Gerry’s arms.
At this moment a police man runs into the store and Gerry raises his hands but the policeman runs straight past them and starts Going wild in the isles. Gerry and his wife run for the exit.
As they get out they notice the RV has gone and realise they need to find shelter immediately. His wife points to apartments near by, so that’s where they’re headed..
He phones his united nations friend and tells him he’s in Newark he tells him he’s headed for the apartment buildings and asks if he can get some one to them which his friend replies not tonight, they run past a down and out note this is an important part of the film, an explosion goes off in front of them. The an infected falls on a car next to them. they take the first available apartment block as you would. and Gerry wants to shoot a couple before they got in.  The Infected are all running past the down and out like he isn’t there.
wwz gerry
They run in and Gerry puts something around the door to buy them some time. nearly finished and the infected want to rush the door so they start ascending up the stairs.  As I said unfinished so they break through  pretty quickly but it has bought the family some time and they have a head start.
They try doors on every level but I think this slows them down, and I think the infected gain momentum. Gerry knocks somethings down the stairs to slow them down, they light a flair and Gerry uses the barrel of a gun to break the lock on one door.
Gerry’s wife light’s a flair and  runs into an apartment and it’s really bloody they hear younger daughter shouting let me in and run to her. There is a foreign family standing in the doorway of an apartment. the family catches up to younger daughter and Gerry instructs them to run in. They slam the door after them.  Gerry says thank you to them in their native tongue. He then sits and reassures his family that it’s OK. the younger boy asks the family if they’re hungry and Gerry’s wife says yes, thank you. Gerry tunes into the radio. They are instructed by the person on the radio to stay indoors.
world war z radio
After seeing the flash backs Gerry wakes up on the sofa and realises he is alone. with a start he looks around. He see’s his wife and one daughter, He looks at his older daughters bed and it’s empty  so he picks his gun up and goes looking for her but his daughter is asleep in the cupboard with the hosts son.
The next day he explains to the hosts using their son as an interpreter that he used to work in dangerous places and that they’d have a better chance if they go with them. They decline.
Gerry makes a makeshift weapon by putting a butchers knife onto his gun and wraps magazines around his arms.  When they leave the lights are flickering in the building and they can hear strange sounds. The foreign couple who put them up the night before start to barricade their door. But something violently begins to try to get in, Gerry and his family are heading for the roof. They prepare to walk through some doors and his wife asks how they know they’re coming and Gerry replies they’re coming. and asks if she’s ready she replies ready.  Gerry opens the door and says OK come on guys with that a Zombie jumps out of the blackness and attacks them. Gerry shoots it. But the other zombies have heard the gun shots and head towards the family. while getting his family to the roof Gerry is over powered by a zombie and it looks like he’s doomed but the child from the foreign couple shoots the zombie in the head and Gerry runs to the top of the roof and to the edge because he got some fluid in his mouth by the zombie that over powered him he counts to 12 and realises he’s not going to change.  His wife throws a flare and they are spotted by the helicopter.
world war z helicoter
They are taken to the U.N Command Ship U.S.S. Argus where Gerry’s friend awaits them. On the Atlantic ocean, The family are taken to some quarters to sleep in, Gerry’s friend tells them they’re safe.  Gerry leaves the quarters to talk to his UN mate. He’s informed that the president is dead. He is taken into a large room where people are trying to find a solution to the problem. He is told it has spread to all corners of the globe. A doctor is saying to his colleagues that it has to be a virus. He’s hopeful because if it’s a virus they can find a vaccine. a colleague  is talking about zombies, another colleague questions his mentality.
But South Korea is mentioned by Gerry’s friend.
Gerry is sent to South Korea with no choice otherwise him and his family would have to leave the safety of the ship, to find the source of the virus with the doctor who starts talking about mother nature being a serial killer. But when they arrive at Camp Humphreys  in South Korea he panics when they are attacked by zombies and runs and trips up and in the process he shoots himself dead.
So now it’s up to Gerry’s Detective work to come up with a solution.
world war z doctor
They are led to a base by another serviceman. where they meet the c.i.a psycho who pulls out his teeth but not before being told what happened to the crew at this base. Gerry mentions an memo with the word Zombie on it and asks if anyone knows about it. an army man says yh it was an email not a memo. He then shows Gerry a room with ashes and a few remains. He tells Gerry that there were 16-17 people in this room most of them guards, but all of them were bitten.  The first man who was bitten was the base doctor who had just returned to the field. There are no records as they have been destroyed during the fire. Again another thing to take note of is one of the solders was standing amongst them when they turned.
I really don’t like to spoil a film so I suggest you go out and rather buy a copy or order it on line, it’s an action packed edge of the chair film with plenty of jumps and tense moments it’s thoroughly enjoyable.

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